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7 Family-Friendly Holiday Seafood Casseroles

Cooking holiday meals may sometimes seem overwhelming – especially if you’re the host – but let seafood put your mind at ease. Seafood is packed with essential nutrients, including protein, which can be especially important during the dessert-filled holiday season. Protein helps slow absorption of carbohydrates after a carb-heavy meal or dessert, helping to keep our blood sugar levels stable. So, do your body a favor this holiday season and incorporate more heart-healthy protein, like seafood, in your meal plans. An easy way to do this is by adding seafood casseroles to your menu. One-pan bakes make for no-mess seafood meals that are ready in no time. Who can resist a buttery Salmon and Potato Bake or a cheesy Seafood Gratin? We’ve pulled together seven different takes on traditional, family-friendly holiday dishes your guests will devour! You don’t even have to tell them you’re doing their hearts a favor.

Holiday Seafood Casseroles:

Holiday Seafood Casseroles

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