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Game-Time Bites

Happy Super Bowl #SeafoodSunday, Seafoodies!

Are you ready for some seafood? Today’s the day when we can engage in some revelry and good-spirited rivalry as we settle down to watch the big game. Many things have changed during the past year, but the Big Game (a.k.a. the first seafood holiday of the year) still goes on. Count us in!

Most of us will be huddling at home for today’s game. And, that’s OK. Especially since we know (wink, wink) that the most important game day action always begins in the kitchen! Some may even say that what makes the Super Bowl memorable—beyond the halftime show, the commercials or even who wins the game—is the food! If you’re still searching for game-day bites, we’ve selected some winning seafood app ideas you can whip up quickly so you can score big with your family or extended bubble.

Some game-day spreads stick with the basics—wings, chili, nachos—but there are so many more options to liven up your game day feast. We encourage you to try seafood! It’s often a smarter (and tastier!) choice than traditional football fare, boasting heart-healthy omega-3s, essential vitamins and minerals and plenty of protein to keep you satisfied from kickoff through the fourth quarter.

Here’s a selection of MVP-worthy seafood snacks that are sure to please everyone on your home team. Hearty finger foods like crispy fish nuggets and salmon cakes will appeal to the bar-food enthusiasts in your group. Health-conscious fans will appreciate the delicate baked mussels and salmon pops. And the heartier appetites will happily tackle savory bacon-filled bites, such as broiled scallops and crab-stuffed mushrooms. Touchdown! And an extra point: These recipes all can be prepped ahead of time and finished quickly in the oven, so you don’t have to miss a minute of the game!

Crispy Parsley Fish Nuggets 

Oh, yes. The cornflake crust on these extra-crunchy fish bites? Game-changer! And the addictive, creamy parsley dip pushes this app into overtime.


Mini Salmon Cakes with Sriracha Lemon Aioli 

Sriracha and salmon for the win! Expect an interception if you attempt to pass these bite-sized cakes around.

Salmon Pops with Piquant Dill Sauce 

Salmon and dill sauce are great teammates. These colorful skewers will appeal to the keto crowd, gluten-free group and any football fan looking for a lighter bite.

Baked Mussels 

Let’s borrow a page from the bivalve playbook. Top tender mussels with crisp, garlicky breadcrumbs and bake to perfection. Forward pass. Score!

baked mussels on plate with parsley garnish to side

Jalapeño Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

We’ll call it: The ruling on bacon-wrapped scallops is … scrumptious! Add in some peppy jalapeno strips, and you’ve got a flavor-forward party on a platter.

baking sheet full of Jalapeño Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms 

No penalties here! Just some mushrooms topped with all of the good stuff—crabmeat, cream cheese, bacon and Parmesan. Guaranteed to disappear before halftime!

Crab stuffed mushroom topped with fresh chopped parsley.

Part of our mission at Dish on Fish is to inspire you with delicious ideas for how to eat more fish. Join us as we share more benefits of eating seafood, as well as tips, tricks and recipes. In the meantime, download the Dish on Fish free e-cookbook – and start planning the next three seafood meals to enjoy this week!

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