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Get Your St. Paddy’s Day Greens with These Simple Seafood Recipes

It’s St. Paddy’s Day – time to paint your dinner plate green! Lucky for you, today’s blog features some yummy seafood recipes that pair perfectly with dark, leafy greens for a healthy, nutrient-packed meal.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it’s so important that you fit in at least two servings of fish and shellfish each week, as recommended by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. A great way to enjoy your good-for-you seafood is to prepare it with nutrient-rich, leafy green vegetables. Then, voilà, you’re now enjoying a deliciously star-studded entrée.

These green-and-seafood combos really pack their punch, especially when it comes to helping your heart perform at its best. In fact, The American Heart Association and other health organizations – including those dealing with pediatric care, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and mental illness – promote seafood as part of a healthy diet.

So, by now, we hope you’re convinced to give some of our favorite St. Paddy’s Day and spring-inspired seafood pairings a try. Cheers!

Oysters Rockefeller

This lightened-up version of the rich, classic New Orleans appetizer is still packed with genuine oyster flavor! It’s best topped with mixed greens, cheese and bread crumbs.

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: Caroline’s Cooking. Get the recipe here.

Greens and Grains Scallop Bowls

Healthy, flavorful greens and grains pair perfectly with scallops.

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: Sprinkles and Sea Salt. Get the recipe here.

Blackened Salmon Burgers with Queso Fresco Cream Cheese Spread

There are plenty o’ greens piled on top of this smoky, tender salmon burger!

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: A Sassy Spoon. Get the recipe here.

Tuna Spring Rolls

Fresh veggies and tuna wrapped in collard greens – these paleo rolls are a game changer!

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: Do You Even Paleo. Get the recipe here.

Lemon Garlic and Spinach Risotto with Sautéed Shrimp

Shrimp lovers, this creamy risotto is to die for! And it comes with a healthy dose of fresh greens.

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: Spoonful of Flavor. Get the recipe here.

Seafood Stuffed Avocados

Teeming with chopped shrimp and fresh crab, here’s a seafood recipe that will guac your world!

St. Paddy’s Day

Source: Homemade Hooplah. Get the recipe here.

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