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Light & Healthy Summer Seafood Meal Plan

Hey seafoodies, are you as excited about summer as we are?

Not only does June mark the start of the warmest season, it’s also Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month. And there’s nothing better than pairing our seafood meal plan with seasonal fruits and veggies bursting with color and flavor.

This month’s seafood meal plan is light and healthy and it’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance! Your breakfast game (or brunch if you prefer a lazy morning) will be on point with mouth-watering lox, eggs and onions and a crab quiche recipe that’s quick to make. Need a nosh between meals? We’ve got a creamy crab dip recipe that’ll hit the spot any time of day.

Fresh and light is the name of the lunchtime game. Think: salmon and shrimp paired with fruit, and poke tuna wrapped in a crisp, lettuce hug. And finally, the hungry mouths in your home will thank you when they dig into seafood-centric dinners like hearty tuna steak and potatoes, lemony grilled scallops and whitefish topped with chopped mangos and oranges.

Here’s a roundup and seafood meal plan of 8 refreshing and easy peasy recipes that are perfect for a warm summer’s day.

Breakfast: L.E.O. (Lox, Eggs and Onions)

When you start off your morning with smoked salmon, creamy eggs and buttery onions, how can it not be an amazing day?

seafood meal plan - Eggs with lox

Source: Tasting Table. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Breakfast: Easy Crab Quiche

Kick off a weekend on-the-go with a crab-tastic dish that’s bursting with color and taste.

seafood meal plan - Crab quiche

Source: The Blond Cook. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Snack: Crab Dip

Whether you’re stuffing, smearing or diving right in, the versatility of this creamy dip will cure any craving.

seafood meal plan - Cream Cheese Crab Dip

Source: Wholesome Yum. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Lunch: Seafood and Fruit Salad

This marriage of shrimp, salmon, strawberries, pineapple and greens is a flavorful match made in heaven.

seafood meal plan - salad

Source: Like Mother Like Daughter. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Lunch: Tuna Poke Lettuce Wraps

Asian-inspired flavors come together in a big way for this healthy, fresh dish that offers all the taste, but none of the guilt.

seafood meal plan - Tuna poke lettuce wraps

Source: Meal Plan HQ. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Dinner: Lemon Herb Tuna Steak & Potatoes

Tuna lovers can rejoice with a go-to dinner that packs plenty of flavor and heart-friendly nutrients, but none of the guilt or fuss.

seafood meal plan - Sheet pan tuna steaks

Source: Dish on Fish. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Dinner: Grilled Scallops with Lemony Salsa Verde

Meaty mollusks are the star of this citrusy, simple dish that’ll leave you asking for seconds. And maybe even thirds.

seafood meal plan - Grilled scallops with lemony salsa verde

Source: Bon Appetit. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

Dinner: Caribbean Whitefish with Mango-Orange Relish

A mildly flavored fish topped with a pop of sweet color brings a fresh and refreshing taste of summer.

seafood meal plan - Whitefish with mango-orange relish

Source: Midwest Living. Get this seafood meal plan recipe here.

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