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May Monthly Meal Plan

Spring and summer months make us crave fresh produce and perfectly grilled seafood! Think salads topped with shrimp or salmon and grilled veggies served alongside mahi mahi or tilapia. In addition to the great taste of seafood, we also love how accessible and versatile it is. Thanks to the many different species of seafood – from tilapia and pollock to shrimp and salmon – and the ways you can buy it (e.g., fresh, frozen, canned, pouched), you can enjoy fish and shellfish year-round. No matter the weather or the season, seafood is the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner! Whether you prefer fresh seafood, have a freezer full of fish fillets or stock your pantry with canned varieties, there are plenty of easy, unique recipes to try. To get you started, we’ve rounded up some fantastic favorites that are perfect for spring. What’s next on your must-eat seafood list?

May Monthly Meal Plan Recipes:

May Monthly Meal Plan

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