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Our Favorite Seafood Remedies for a Holiday Hangover

Top o’ the morning to you, Seafoodies!

Oh, the holidays! Sometimes, we love them a little too much. All the festivities and a few too many late-night toasts and sugar cookies can leave us feeling less than optimal the next morning. While there’s no true cure-all that can reverse the effects of overindulgence, there’s still a lot you can do to help your body bounce back more quickly from the holiday party circuit. Staying hydrated and getting adequate sleep go a long way. And good nutrition can help you along the road to recovery, too. What you eat the morning after can give your body what it needs, like energy, healthy fats, lost electrolytes—much of which can be found in seafood!

Our go-to remedies are quick-cooking, easily digestible, protein-packed dishes that will help restore your energy. They also incorporate foods that are good sources of omega-3s such as eggs, salmon and avocado, which have been shown to reduce inflammation. In many cases, you can prep these meals the day before, so you can keep your bleary-eyed morning kitchen time to a minimum.

These morning-after recipes will help you replenish your body and feel more like yourself. So, give them a try and let us know what you think!

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl 

You could say we have a thing about seafood bowls! We’ve tried them for lunch and dinner—why not breakfast? Instead of pouring some cereal, fill your bowl with the building blocks of a power meal. This dish packs some serious protein thanks to the eggs and smoked salmon, and is rich in omega-3s and other nutrients, so you’ll be in fighting shape in no time.

Everything Bagels with Smoked Trout, Pickled Radish and Wasabi Cream Cheese

When your head is throbbing after a late night, this easy-to-assemble breakfast has everything your body is craving: protein, carbs, healthy fats and electrolytes. It’s best to prepare the pickled radish a few days before you use it, but it can keep up to 3 months in the fridge.

Cheesy Shrimp Breakfast Casserole

This recipe combines three superfoods—shrimp, eggs and kale—in a comforting, high-protein meal. What’s more, you can prep this the day before so when you’re ready for breakfast, all you need to do is pop it in the oven and enjoy.

Shrimp and Squid Cocktails with Avocado and Tomato

Succulent shrimp and squid are marinated in a citrus-tomato juice blend, then served up with fresh vegetables, herbs and other aromatics. Legend has it that this Veracruzan seafood cocktail will help you “come back to life” after a night of overindulgence. We can’t promise that, but there’s good reason this piquant appetizer is so popular, and it certainly has the protein and omega-3s you need! 

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