Seafood Meals Served for Two - Dish on Fish
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Seafood Meals Served for Two

Skip the chocolates, forget the cards, and give your loved ones something they really want for Valentine’s Day…a delicious seafood meal at home or at their favorite restaurant! Whether you opt for an elegant dinner out, or prepare a meal at home together, we know seafood will make it onto your list. Fish and shellfish can be easily prepared for quick, weeknight dinners, and they can also be dressed up for extra-special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. What else says “I love you” like creamy shrimp pasta or crab-stuffed portobello mushrooms? See below for few recipes to save for next week. If you’re heading out on the town, do yourself (and your significant other) a favor, and order seafood!

Seafood Meals for Two Recipes:


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