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#Seafood123: All About Alaskan Pollock

When it comes to eating affordable, nutrient-rich seafood, Alaskan Pollock fits the bill and then some. As a cold-water white fish, Alaskan Pollock has a mild taste that makes it a great substitute for cod or haddock. It is also typically priced to be more affordable than its white fish counterparts. Its taste, paired with a reasonable price tag, makes Alaskan Pollock a solid option for cooking seafood at home. When you decide to whip up a meal using Pollock, know it is also full of healthful nutrients. A serving of Alaskan Pollock provides more than half your daily value of vitamin B12, which helps to keep both nerve cells and blood cells healthy. It also delivers over 100% of your daily value of powerful omega-3s. Not short on other vitamins and nutrients, Pollock is rich in niacin, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium. This high nutritional value allows us to enjoy a delicious seafood meal, comforted by the knowledge we are still eating clean.

#Seafood123: All About Alaskan Pollock

Below are links to a few recipes that will help you add simple Alaskan Pollock to your weeknight dinner rotation:

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