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#Seafood123: All About Crab

Summertime calls for crab cakes, crab dip and crab legs! With a light taste that pairs well with some of the other favorite flavors of the season, it’s no wonder crab is one of America’s most-popular seafoods. But beyond the delicious taste, crab offers high nutritional value, while remaining low in calories. In fact, the majority of calories in crab meat are from protein, so you’re kept full and satisfied throughout the day. With each serving of crab, you’ll also haul in other key nutrients, like selenium, vitamin B12, and zinc. Besides being such a healthy food, most crab varieties can be bought fresh, frozen or canned. So, no matter where or when your crab cravings kick in, you’ll be able to satisfy them in no time! Be sure to order a healthy serving of crab while dining out, or try these recipes at home.

Crab Dish Recipes

Crab Dish

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