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#Seafood123: All About Tilapia

Thanks to its versatility, ease of preparation and delicious taste, tilapia is one of America’s most-popular seafood choices. This mild whitefish is affordable to buy and easy to cook, making it a family favorite enjoyed across the country. Beyond its great taste, tilapia offers health benefits aplenty! Filling and nutritious, it is a complete protein – boasting 45% of your recommended daily protein intake – and is key to helping your muscles build and repair themselves. Plus, an average serving of about 4 ounces of tilapia provides more than 10% of the daily amount of calcium your body needs for strong teeth and bones. And it doesn’t stop there! With each tilapia fillet, you’ll also reap benefits from other nutrients such as potassium, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin D. Now that we’ve worked up a tilapia craving, here are some tilapia recipes to get you through the week.

Tilapia Recipes:


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