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#Seafood123: All About Wild Alaska Pollock

When it comes to eating affordable, nutrient-rich seafood, Wild Alaska Pollock fits the bill and then some. As a cold-water white fish, Wild Alaska Pollock has a mild taste that makes it a great substitute for cod or haddock. It is also typically priced to be more affordable than its white fish counterparts. Its taste, paired with a reasonable price tag, makes Wild Alaska Pollock a solid option for cooking seafood at home. When you decide to whip up a meal using Pollock, know it is also full of healthful nutrients. A serving of Wild Alaska Pollock provides more than half your daily value of vitamin B12, which helps to keep both nerve cells and blood cells healthy. It also delivers over 100% of your daily value of powerful omega-3s. Not short on other vitamins and nutrients, Pollock is rich in niacin, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium. This high nutritional value allows us to enjoy a delicious seafood meal, comforted by the knowledge we are still eating clean. Now enjoy your Wild Alaska Pollock!

Below are links to a few recipes that will help you add simple Wild Alaska Pollock to your weeknight dinner rotation:

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