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#Seafood123: Going Gluten-Free?

Whether you are following a strict gluten-free diet or are interested in cutting back on gluten-containing foods you currently eat, seafood is perfect to incorporate into your weekly meal plan. Oftentimes, those who eliminate gluten may have nutrient deficiencies, particularly iron, zinc, vitamin D, B vitamins and protein. The good news? Seafood is rich in many of these nutrients. While seafood is naturally free of gluten, be sure to pay attention to the labels and ingredients while shopping. Here are some top tips to stay gluten-free while enjoying tasty seafood products:

  • Opt for fresh or frozen seafood that is sold without added breading or flavors.
  • Stock up on canned and pouched tuna and salmon, for quick-and-easy, gluten-free meals. Be sure to reach for those packed in water or oil, without added flavorings that contain gluten.
  • Rely on your own gluten-free flavorings, like herbs, garlic, fruits, and vegetables, to punch up the natural flavor of your seafood.


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