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How-To Grocery Shop for Seafood – Our Best Tips & Tricks!

What type of seafood shopper are you? Do you head straight to the seafood counter, wander the frozen aisle for some inspiration or prefer to stick with pouched and canned versions of your favorite varieties? We know shopping for seafood can seem intimidating to some, so let’s go on a little virtual grocery trip to help you get in your recommended two servings of seafood each week.

Whether you’re still a little unsure of where to go and what to look for when seafood shopping, or even if you already have it down to a science, we’ve got a handful of tips and tricks that will make you a seasoned seafood buying pro in no time.

We’re going to make shopping for seafood simple. So, we’ve rounded up the below list to help you shop smarter and seek out seafood in new areas of the store.

Buying and Storing Seafood

Smart Seafood Shopping Tips

  1. Buying from the Fish Counter: Likely this fish is “Flash Frozen” at catch and then gently thawed by the fish monger, so all of the nutrients and freshness are sealed in. Follow what’s on the package for “sell by.” Once cooked, eat it within 48 hours.
    1. The flesh should be shiny and void of any dark edges or yellowish discoloration.
    2. The flesh should be firm to the touch.
    3. Most importantly, fish should smell fresh, not “fishy” or have an ammonia odor.
  2. Buying from the Freezer Case: For variety, convenience and budget, frozen seafood can be your best friend. Just like flash-frozen fish available at your store’s seafood counter, seafood from the frozen section provides you the same nutrients as fresh options. The majority of these offerings also come with handy-dandy thawing and cooking instructions right on the package, so there’s no guesswork involved once you get your seafood home. This level of added convenience means you can cook what you need just for that meal.
  3. Canned & Pouched Seafood: Also referred to as “ready to eat” – because it is – canned/pouched options can be found in the center of the store. Prepackaged seafood comes in several different varieties and is great to have on hand when you’re on the go and you need something filling in a snap. Since they’re shelf-stable, canned and pouched seafood are great protein-rich picks for any budget.

For more information on how to buy seafood, check out our blog posts about Frozen Seafood and Canned & Pouched Seafood.

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