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#Seafood123: Healthy Skin with Seafood

Spring and summer activities can leave our skin looking less than radiant. Time spent under the sun and in the pool can make for great memories, but also cause skin to dry out, flake and become discolored. In addition to lathering up with sunscreen and lotion throughout the summer months, be sure you’re eating the recommended 2-3 servings of seafood each week. Nutrient-packed fish and shellfish not only are delicious options for the grill all summer long, they also provide many health benefits for your skin.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in seafood varieties such as salmon, albacore tuna and sardines, can help cell membranes hold water, which results in softer and smoother skin. Seafood is also high in protein, which serves as a collagen booster – good for contributing to our skin’s elasticity and volume. If you ask us, there’s nothing better than food that tastes great and does wonders for your body. It’s a win-win situation! If you’re looking to fire up the grill, give these recipes a try:

Healthy Skin with Seafood Recipes:

Healthy Skin with Seafood

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