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#Seafood123: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Seafood

Delicious food is one thing, but delicious food you can feel good about consuming is a whole nother situation. We can all agree that seafood tastes great and provides a host of health benefits, but did you know that eating more of it has a positive effect on our environment? In fact, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) suggests  that adherence to a “Mediterranean-style” diet, which emphasizes higher consumption of vegetables, legumes and seafood while decreasing consumption of red and processed meat, can help the environment. According to the DGAC, a seafood-rich diet can help reduce our carbon footprint by improving energy and water consumption while lowering the amount of both greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural land use. Additionally, by following the Mediterranean diet, we could each contribute significantly to overall food sustainability, while also improving our own personal health.

Reduce your carbon footprint with seafood!

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