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#Seafood123: Seafood for Breastfeeding Mothers

While it’s important for everyone to follow a nutritious diet, it’s especially important for breastfeeding moms. Nutrients from the foods and beverages mom consumes are passed to baby through mom’s breast milk. Research shows that a new mom’s diet rich in nutrients like omega-3s and protein contribute to early childhood development. This is positive news for seafood-loving women, because many varieties of seafood – like salmon, herring, mussels, trout, sardines and pollock – are rich in protein, omega-3s and other important nutrients for mom and baby. In fact, seafood is so important during this time, that the and are recommended by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend new moms eat seafood at least 2-3 times each week. Here are a few recipes that can help you add more seafood to your diet:

Seafood for Breastfeeding Mothers

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