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#Seafood123: Seasonal Depression

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for symptoms of seasonal depression—like anxiety, irritability, weight gain and fatigue—to creep in. In fact, more than 3 million cases of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are reported in America each year. But there are ways to overcome this malady. Studies looking at individuals who live in Iceland—where, despite winter days being shorter than in the U.S., the proportion of seasonal depression falls far below the percentage recorded in the U.S.—a strong connection has been made between the population’s high seafood diet and its reduced risk of SAD. There’s no reason we shouldn’t take that cue.

You could try these mouthwatering seafood dishes not just for the enjoyment, but also to possibly ward off the symptoms of SAD. The vitamin D and omega-3s you’ll find in seafood play a critical role in brain health and are known for their proven mood-stabilizing effects.

seafood for seasonal depression


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