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#Seafood123: Smart Snacking with Seafood

These days, many of us are leaning toward smaller meals and more-frequent snacking, rather than sitting down to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. If this is your eating style, it’s important to focus on nutrient-packed, protein-heavy snacks – like seafood – to fuel your body properly. Snack time can be one of the most-important parts of the day! Processed snacks, like chips and cookies, are simple carbohydrates that pack empty calories and don’t provide any real nutritional value. These snacks might satisfy you immediately, but they don’t have the staying power that a protein-packed seafood snack would offer. Whether you’re looking for a light bite between breakfast and lunch or you need an energy boost in the afternoon, canned and pouched seafood are easy, convenient and healthy options that taste delicious and will leave you satisfied. Already searching for healthy seafood snacks? No worries, we have a few to get your imagination going.

Seafood Snacks Recipes:

seafood snacks

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