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#Seafood123: Summer Energy from Seafood

Long summer days filled with sightseeing and sunbathing often turn into even longer evenings packed with dinner parties, nights on the town, or various family functions. Countless activities during the sunny season may leave you feeling fatigued, which is no good when your agenda is full of fun. The good news is that the seafood you order while away on vacation or serve at your summer pool parties can help give you an energy boost.

As a summer staple, seafood does double duty as both a delicious meal and a healthy source of protein. The protein in each serving of seafood will keep you feeling full and focused when you’re out and about on vacation, e.g., at the beach or hiking the forests, window shopping uptown, making your way through a theme park, dancing the night away, or cheering on your favorite team at the stadium. Whether seafood is the star of your family barbeque or you simply opt for a seafood snack, you’re sure to have enough energy to fuel your summer adventures. So, the next time you need a little pep in your step, go for a dish from the seafood section of the menu, or try out one of these mouthwatering recipes in your own kitchen.

Energy from Seafood Recipes

Energy from Seafood

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