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#SeafoodSunday/ Wild Alaska Pollock

#SeafoodSunday: Grilled Parmesan Alaskan Pollock Foil Packs

Grilling needn’t be limited to summer months – we love the flavors of grilled fish year-round and this delicious grilled Alaskan Pollock hits every note. Pollock! With some assistance from a grill pan (used on your stove top or in the oven on broil), these Grilled Parmesan Alaskan Pollock Foil Packs can be enjoyed no matter the season! The Wholesome Dish’s recipe is also versatile, so you can switch up the veggies and spices with your current favorites, while resting easy with the knowledge that this mild fish takes on accompanying flavors quite deliciously. That’s just one of the many reasons we love this fish! Now enjoy some amazing Alaskan Pollock Foil Packs seafood lovers!

Alaskan Pollock Foil Packs

Image Credit: The Wholesome Dish

Alaskan Pollock Foil Packs Recipe here: https://www.thewholesomedish.com/grilled-parmesan-fish-foil-packs/

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