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#SeafoodSunday/ Clams

#SeafoodSunday: White Clam and Kale Pizza

Happy Sunday seafood lovers!

We tried to think of an occasion when pizza wouldn’t be appropriate, but we couldn’t come up with a single one! Whether you’re gathered around the table for a family meal or hanging out in the backyard with friends after a day at the beach, a seafood pizza makes a fitting centerpiece. Kara Lydon, also known as the Foodie Dietitian, created an ooey, gooey White Clam and Kale Pizza recipe that is enough to make any pizza lover’s dreams come true. Her version of seafood pizza uses shelf-stable canned clams, so you can enjoy this specific pizza pie year-round.

Clam Pizza Recipe Here: http://karalydon.com/recipes/white-clam-and-kale-pizza/

clam pizza

Source: Kara Lydon

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