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#SeafoodSunday/ Salmon

#SeafoodSunday: National Salmon Day Recipe Roundup

As if National Seafood Month wasn’t cause enough for a seafood celebration, today (October 8th) is National Salmon Day! There are many reasons to love salmon, from its versatility to its many health benefits, but today we’re focusing on its great taste. As one can imagine, we couldn’t pick just one dish to share on National Salmon Day. Instead, we’ve rounded up a variety of scrumptious recipes to enjoy any day of the week. Whether you are looking for a tasty smoked salmon breakfast or a simple salmon sheet-pan recipe, we’ve got you covered. Eat up, salmon lovers, and if you’re heading out to a restaurant, be sure to select the salmon dish!

#SeafoodSunday: National Salmon Day Recipe Roundup

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