#SeafoodSunday: Thai-Style Clams in Coconut Broth - Dish on Fish
#SeafoodSunday/ Clams

#SeafoodSunday: Thai-Style Clams in Coconut Broth

As the season shifts from winter to spring, you might feel a head cold coming on. To combat your congestion, head to the kitchen for a soothing seafood meal. This comforting Thai-Style Clams in Coconut Broth dish from The New York Times is a refreshing, aromatic mixture of spicy, sweet and salty ingredients. Thanks to the creamy coconut-milk broth, along with the spicy Thai chilies and the levels of zinc found in clams (which can help fight illness), you’ll be on your way to feeling better in no time! If you’d rather relax and order takeout or delivery, opt for a coconut-milk- or broth-based seafood soup, which will be packed with flavor and nutrients.

Thai-Style Clams Recipe here: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018444-fragrant-thai-style-clams-in-coconut-broth

Thai-Style Clams

Source: New York Times Cooking

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