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#SeafoodSunday/ Tuna

#SeafoodSunday: Tuna Pizza with Green Peppers

Happy #SeafoodSunday!

We hope everyone remembered to “spring forward” this morning. If the start of daylight saving time has you feeling a little bleary-eyed today, this easy, cheesy Tuna Pizza with Green Peppers, courtesy Rachel Cooks, will be a welcome treat. Why do we love it? It’s a serious crowd-pleaser, requires just a few simple ingredients (you probably already have these staples in your pantry), and solves your dinnertime dilemma. Especially on days like today, there’s no sense spending extra time in the kitchen when you could be catching up on missed z’s.

Tuna Pizza

With a cook time clocking in at under 30 minutes, this pizza keeps racking up the bonus points. And did we mention we’re in love with its simple, nostalgic flavors? The absolute best part of this dish has to be the addition of oh-so-good-for-you tuna packed with health benefits! Talk about a “winner, winner, cheesy seafood dinner!”

Recipe here: https://www.rachelcooks.com/2016/01/18/tuna-pizza-green-peppers/

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