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#Seafood123/ Cod/ Crab/ Salmon/ Shrimp/ Wild Alaska Pollock

Seasonal Winter Seafood Recipes: #Seafood123

It’s time to get cozy with some winter seafood recipes!

Seafood is so easy to enjoy year-round—whether you are purchasing it from your fish monger or stocking up with frozen, canned or pouched seafood. As the outdoor temps go down, our bodies crave heartier fare.

We’re heating things up with some tasty and comforting seafood recipes featuring cod, crab, Wild Alaska Pollock and shrimp.

Embrace these wonderful seafood dishes to shake up your winter weeknight meals while adding some essential germ-fighting nutrients to your diet.

Did you know seafood can help ward off colds? Fish, like salmon, are packed with immune-boosting nutrients, such as vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Experts say halibut, sardines and yellowfin tuna also can help keep tissue healthy by preventing cell damage—and can also help ward off those seasonal sniffles. You can read more about seafood’s flu-fighting powers by checking out our blog post here.

winter seafood recipes

Hungry yet? We’ve rounded up some of our winter seafood favorites to help you add more seafood to your seasonal dishes.

Enjoy these Winter Seafood Recipes!

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