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10 Kid-Friendly Seafood Recipes Your Children Will Love to Make

Happy June, Seafoodies!

In just a few more days, we’ll all be singing “School’s out for summer!” While everyone is ready for a much-deserved break from this unusual school year, it’s still a scramble to fill all that newfound free time! If you’re looking for fun summer activities for kids big and small, how about mini sessions of “Seafoodie Cooking Camp” at home? One of our favorite things to do with kids during the summer is whipping up some scrumptious–and (shhh!) healthy–seafood dishes. Our June Meal Plan has plenty of easy recipes that will help you do just that!

There’s no time like summertime to welcome your little Seafoodies into the kitchen! Ask your budding chefs to pick out recipes, plan a meal and, depending on their age, help with everything from shopping to chopping. Studies show kids are more likely to sample new foods when they have a hand in the preparation, and you’ll be encouraging lifelong healthy eating habits. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that children eat two to three servings of seafood each week to strengthen bones and build muscle, so kids should taste-test a variety of different seafood recipes to see what they like!

Our June Meal Plan is full of recipes that kids will enjoy cooking, as well as eating. All of these dishes are simple enough for little hands to prepare, challenging enough to build their culinary confidence and, most importantly, lots of fun to make!

Plus, these dishes taste so great, there will be high-fives all around the kitchen. The recipes incorporate nutrient-rich seafood, encourage experimentation and bridge the culinary gap with a more familiar food your children already love, like cheese or potatoes. From tomato bisque with crab grilled-cheese croutons and seafood pot pie studded with tater tots to individual pizzas topped with pesto and shrimp, there is a dish for every Seafoodie taste and culinary level. If your Seafoodies already like fish sticks, then these crispy baked cod sticks are a must-try! And since mac-and-cheese is a universal kid-pleaser, we think one-upping it with some shrimp and that summertime favorite–lobster–is pure brilliance.

We hope these recipes inspire you to unleash some seafood magic with your kids this summer! Enjoy!


Smoked Salmon Breakfast Tacos 

Little Seafoodies can help whisk the eggs, fold in the smoked salmon and assemble these tasty and colorful tacos. Meal-prepper alert: Try making them as burritos so you can freeze individually and reheat on-demand, and you’ll always have an seafood option for breakfast on-the-go!

Smoked salmon breakfast tacos


Crispy Baked Cod Sticks 

These cod bites taste like traditional fried fish sticks but are so much healthier and crunchier thanks to a panko crust and an oven bake. Your kids will have a blast dipping the fish in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, then watching them crisp up.  

All Hands on Deck! Seafood Meals to Make with the Kids

Crab Grilled Cheese Croutons and Tomato Bisque 

This nourishing soup is two kiddo-friendly comfort foods in one. Tuck some sweet crab into a grilled cheese sandwich, and you’ve got the most awesome (and flavorsome) croutons ever!

Cheesy Pimento Tuna Melt 

Your kids will love that it’s cheesy, and you’ll love that it’s packed with protein and omega-3s. This tuna melt is also so simple that your older Seafoodies can learn to make it themselves as a satisfying anytime meal!

Blackened Shrimp Nachos 

These nachos are as fun to assemble as they are to eat! This flexibility of this dish makes it a prime candidate for kitchen lab experimentation. Let your little Seafoodies adjust the spices and toppings to their liking.


Clam Chowder Potato Skins 

These cheesy bites are brimming with all of the good stuff from traditional chowder—clams, bacon and cream—in a kid-friendly format. Your Seafoodies will want to make this protein-packed snack again and again!

All Hands on Deck! Seafood Meals to Make with the Kids

Ahi Poke ‘Wachos’ with Spicy Sriracha Mayo

OK, whose idea was it to make nachos from crispy, waffle-cut potatoes? Genius! This tuna-topped app is the ultimate fusion food and is sure to be a huge hit with the younger set (as well as adults who want to get their poke fix).


Shrimp and Pesto Naan Pizza 

Pizza night is even more entertaining when you prepare the pie yourself, and this recipe makes use of prepared naan, so no kneading required! Your Seafoodies can get creative with topping prep and placement.

Shrimp and Pesto Naan Pizza

Tater Tot-Topped Seafood Pot Pie 

Who doesn’t love tater tots? This meal-in-one has all the seafood and veggies baked beneath a potato-studded crust that kids of all ages will eat up!

Lobster and Shrimp Mac and Cheese 

Full disclosure: This recipe may break the “rule” about not mixing cheese with seafood, but we don’t follow that rule anyway! We think it’s a foolproof way to introduce your little ones to seafood in a more familiar format. One bite, and they’ll be hooked!

All Hands on Deck! Seafood Meals to Make with the Kids

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