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#Seafood123: Super Servings

The 2016 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that we eat seafood 2-3 times each week. Most Americans don’t even come close to meeting that recommendation. Yet, it’s so easy to fit 2-3 seafood meals in each week!

Seafood is a “yes” food—delicious, versatile, easy to prepare and nutritious. But, do you know what a serving of seafood looks like? Let us show you how easy it is to get your 2-3 servings of seafood each week.

Fish – 3-4 ounces (for most varieties)
Shrimp – 4 large
Clams – 12 small
Oysters – 12 medium
Scallops – 6 large or 14 medium

Bon appétit!

Super Servings

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