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Our Top 5 Seafood Pizzas and Flatbreads

I think we can all agree that pizza is one of the best foods ever created. It’s perfect for family get-togethers, weekend movie nights, birthday parties and pretty much any other occasion, in our book. While seafood may not be the first pizza topping that comes to mind, we encourage you to trust us when we say it’s a perfect fit.

Adding fish or shellfish to your favorite pizza/flatbread will give it a boost in nutrients (hello, protein, omega-3s and other healthy ingredients!) and flavor. Try adding shrimp to your pesto pizza, sardines to your pizza with leafy greens, or clams to your kale pie. One sampling of seafood on your pizza and you’ll be hooked. On top of that, seafood’s versatility opens up plenty of options for delicious pizza pairings. We promise you won’t be sorry – your taste buds will be eager to shake up pizza night!

Here’s the list of our top 5 seafood pizza recipes. Instead of heading over to your local pizza parlor, get the family together and have fun planning a night of delicious seafood pizza making at home. Enjoy!

Shrimp and Pesto Naan Pizza

Shrimp is the secret pizza ingredient you’ve been missing.

Seafood Pizzas - Shrimp and Pesto Naan Pizza

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean Sardine Pizza

Fish lovers will go crazy for this – the salty sardine flavor matches up perfectly with the tomato sauce and leafy greens.

Seafood Pizzas - Mediterranean sardine pizza

Source: Women’s Weekly Food. Get the recipe here.

Sheet-Pan Pizza with Fish, Shrimp and Scallops

There’s much more to this low-carb pizza than just cauliflower crust. It’s a seafood lover’s delight!

Seafood Pizzas - Sheet pan pizza

Source: Low Carb Yum. Get the recipe here.

White Clam and Kale Seafood Pizza

Slice, slice, baby! This smoky and savory white clam and kale combo makes for a novel pizza night.

Seafood Pizza - White clam and kale pizza

Source: Kara Lydon. Get the recipe here.

Mini Prawn White Pizza

White pizza is our favorite! Add shallow fried prawns to the melted mozzarella and you’ve got a winner.

Seafood Pizza - Mini prawn white pizza

Source: Savory & Sweet Food. Get the recipe here.

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