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Work-from-Home Lunch Ideas

Hi Seafoodies!

How’s it going on the home front?

Let’s face it, we’ve been at home for a long time now. Have you fallen into a lunchtime rut? Same old standbys? We’re here to help with new seafood lunch ideas that will have everyone ready for that afternoon Zoom school or meeting. 

For most of us, lunch-from-home is not a sit-down event. We often spend our 9-to-5 life working or studying in different rooms, taking a quick lunch break when we can. That’s why we think weekdays are just crying out for flavorful seafood sandwiches and handhelds. They are the perfect midday meal when you need to grab-and-go elsewhere in the house.

Ounce for ounce, seafood has less fat than many popular sandwich meats, while providing ample protein and other important nutrients to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. If you’d normally get a traditional burger during your lunch break, why not make it something lower fat—like a Scallion and Sesame Tuna Burger or Alaska Pollock Sliders—that helps you get your recommended 2 to 3 servings of seafood a week?

To get you started, we’ve curated the tastiest recipes we’ve found for work-from-home seafood sandwiches, and most of them can be made with ingredients you already have on hand. If you have some cans or pouches of tuna in your pantry, you can quickly prepare some delicious melts and burgers. Salmon, rich in protein and omega-3s, in another staple you can transform into satisfying burgers and sliders your family will love. And that bag of shrimp or scallops in the freezer? That’s the star ingredient of tomorrow’s spicy buffalo sandwiches or po’ boys! What’s more, many of these recipes can be partially prepped the night before, keeping your midday kitchen time to a minimum.

When you’re thinking about how to boost workday productivity and keep your little Seafoodies fueled throughout their virtual lessons, these sandwiches fit the bill. They are craveable, portable and—with bold flavors like ancho chili sauce and spicy avocado ranch dressing—definitely not boring! Let’s dive into the recipes!

Cheesy Pimento-Tuna Melt 

Whoever said don’t mess with a classic hasn’t tasted this pimento-cheese tuna melt! This 15-minute recipe is a solid candidate for the weekday lunch rotation and is so simple that little Seafoodies can learn to make it themselves.

Simple Salmon Sliders 

One of our favorite summer party apps does double-duty as the ultimate work-from-home lunch! Your whole family is sure to enjoy these well-seasoned salmon bites on Hawaiian rolls, which are easy to pull together if you have canned salmon in your pantry.

Salmon Sliders

Scallion and Sesame Tuna Burgers with Ancho Chili Sauce 

Pescatarians and meat eaters alike are sure to enjoy these fusion tuna burgers that blend the flavors of Southwestern and Asian cuisines. You can cook the patties up to 2 days beforehand, so all you have to do is reheat them and assemble the burgers.

Grilled Cobia Sliders 

Cobia is a mild whitefish that gets high marks for protein, nutritional value and slider worthiness! All it needs is a quick marinade, some grill time and fixings!

A Finger Food Favorite : Grilled Cobia Seafood Sliders Recipe

Crispy Fried-Fish Sandwich 

Your family will be clamoring for these extra-crispy cod sandwiches with homemade tartar sauce and chewy pretzel buns. The fish gets a double dose of crunch from Ritz crackers and panko breadcrumbs.

Bay-Scallop Po’ Boy with Spicy Mayo 

Treat your family to a taste of the bayou with this twist on the N’awlins classic. The spicy mayo is to die for! And since quick-cooking scallops are a protein powerhouse, this sandwich will help you avoid the dreaded afternoon slump.

Cheesy Crab Melt 

Artichokes, tomato and parmesan cheese elevate this open-faced crab sandwich to something truly special! But don’t let the deliciousness deceive you. This melt is really a snap to make, especially if you prep the crab mixture the night before.

Grilled Buffalo Shrimp Sandwich with Spicy Avocado Ranch Dressing 

Buffalo sauce has a cult following—we say, with good reason! Seafoodies who like things hot will adore this kicky shrimp baguette sandwich that balances a double dose of heat with creamy avocado and bleu cheese.

Salmon Burgers with Creole Mustard 

Heart-healthy salmon is one of the chameleons of the seafood world, taking on just about any flavor profile that you can dish out. This recipe is packed with bold, Cajun spices, as well as plenty of protein, to power you through that afternoon conference call!

Alaska Pollock Sliders 

These golden-brown Alaska Pollock Sliders come together so quickly that they’re sure to become one of your go-to meals for lunchtime or any time. These tasty little bites are an easy way to slide some more seafood into your weekday diet!

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