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6 Best Seafood Boils for Summer

When it comes to summer, seafood and parties, there’s nothing more iconic than a seafood boil. And this month we are celebrating all the flavors from across the United States. While the basic elements stay the same – seafood, outdoors, great party crowd – each region of the country has put its own unique (and delicious) twist on the seafood boil.

The Cape is known for quintessential clambakes, as well as lobster boils and crab boils, dotting the New England coastline. Lobster, king crab, and Old Bay seasoning are the stars of the show.

Down South, the Low Country Boil is the name of the game! Shrimp, sausage and corn mixed with a blast of Cajun spice makes for the ultimate one-pot feast. We’d recommend serving family style and inviting your friends and neighbors to join in, unless you want to keep some leftovers for yourself (we won’t tell!).

The Midwest gets into the act with clams, smoked kielbasa, corn and shrimp in the summer and on gameday in the fall.

Moving across to the West Coast, you’ll find that cod is the fish of choice for the local boil, and just like its New England cousin, you’ll want to bring your party to the beach if you can.

Personally, we’d attend any seafood boil in a heartbeat. What’s your favorite type of boil? Let us know in the comments down below!

New England Clambake

All the flavors of Cape Cod; no surf or sand required.

New England Clambake

Source: Leite’s Culinaria

Get the recipe here.

Low Country Boil

All the best food the South has to offer, loaded into one pot.

Classic Low Country Shrimp Boil

Source: The View from Great Island

Get the recipe here.

Classic New England Lobster Boil

A traditional New England Lobster Boil should be on everyone’s foodie bucket list. Enough said.

new england lobster boil

Source: Cooking with Cocktail Rings

Get the recipe here.

Northwest Seafood Boil

An actual beach might be required for this recipe, but we can dig it!

Northwest Seafood Boil

Source: MyRecipes.

Get the recipe here.

Cleveland-Style Clambake

A midwestern take on the East Coast classic.

Cleveland-Style Clam Bake

Source: The Chew

Get the recipe here.

Chesapeake Crab Boil

Celebrating Chesapeake Bay’s finest, this boil calls for live blue crabs, Old Bay and beer.

Crab Boil with Beer and Old Bay

Source: Southern Living

Get the recipe here.

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