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Dishing with… Marisa Moore

For this month’s “Dishing with…” blog post, we’re excited to share insight and expertise from Marisa Moore from Marisa Moore Nutrition, LLC. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for science and a background in the food industry, Marisa encourages her clients to take small steps towards better health.

Marisa Moore

Tell us about you and your blog.

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the owner of Marisa Moore Nutrition, LLC. I help people achieve better health through food, and do so using a small-step approach. I became a registered dietitian because I love food and science, and I’m passionate about educating others. My primary area of work is culinary nutrition and communications for my company as well as for other food and health organizations and restaurants. I grew up in the south eating fried fish on Fridays, salmon croquettes for breakfast on Sundays and tuna salad for lunch. I began cooking in high school, and my love for food and cooking has only grown through the years.

My blog, Marisa Moore Nutrition, is a space where I share simple food and nutrition solutions, along with recipes, all with the modern, busy woman in mind.

What is your favorite seafood dish to make at home or order at a restaurant?

I love to make fish tacos with a crunchy cabbage slaw and a side of beans. They are so easy and flavorful that I make some version of fish tacos at least 2-3 times a month. My latest creations are Crispy Cod Tacos with Honey-Lime Cilantro Slaw.

Any words of wisdom for parents who have picky eaters? What advice do you suggest?

Parents might try fish that has a mild flavor and aroma, like cod. Cut it into strips and coat with a nut or cornmeal mixture before baking into crispy, healthy fish sticks. I’d also suggest that parents keep trying with seafood, and also enjoy fish in front of the kids. Kids love to model their favorite adults, so the hope is that one day that healthy behavior will rub off on them too.

Why is seafood so healthy and beneficial for everyone, especially kids?

Seafood like salmon, sablefish and certain tuna are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain development and heart health. Since the majority of Americans don’t eat enough seafood, it is important to introduce it early in life so kids can get accustomed to the flavors and in the habit of trying it different ways.

What is your go-to seafood meal for busy nights?

Shrimp stir-fry. It’s a quick cooking dish that allows me to get plenty of vegetables in with some bold flavors like ginger, sesame or spicy chili peppers. It’s perfect solo or with a side of quinoa, brown rice or rice noodles. A few of my favorite seafood dishes from the blog are Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowl, Maple Miso Glazed Black Cod, Baked Salmon Patties and Easy BBQ Salmon and Kale Tacos. Apparently, I really like salmon!

What’s next on your “must make” or “must order” seafood list?

I’d like to do more with sardines. I grew up eating these with my grandfather, but somewhere along the way I stopped. I still enjoy them, but I would like to make some new recipes at home.

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