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Dishing with… Maryann Jacobsen

Hey, seafood lovers! This month we’re bringing you some insight from Maryann Jacobsen, a registered dietitian, author, and family nutrition expert. From authoring four books and penning a blog, to raising healthy kids and focusing efforts on strengthening family health, Maryann has extensive experience in the world of nutrition. Enjoy!

Maryann Jacobsen

Tell us about you and your blog.

In 2009 I started the blog, Raise Healthy Eaters, to share what I was learning while feeding my own children. In 2016, after seven years of blogging, I rolled Raise Healthy Eaters into a broader site, Maryann Jacobsen, to highlight my emerging role as an independent author. I have written several books, including: Fearless Feeding, From Picky to Powerful, What to Cook for Dinner with Kids, and my most recent, How to Raise a Mindful Eater. I continue to blog, write books, and am even starting a podcast. My efforts are always focused on strengthening the health and well-being of families by digging into the research. I also share my personal experiences and challenges as a wife, mother and dietitian.

What is your favorite seafood dish to make at home or order at a restaurant?

I really love salmon. It is not only easy to make, but also tasty. It’s my favorite seafood by far!

Any words of wisdom for parents who have picky eaters?

My advice to parents is to do what I do with my own children, which is continuously offering seafood, and not make a big deal about what they do or don’t eat. I always invite my children to learn more about the food so they can get comfortable with trying and eventually eating it. Learning to like a variety of food is a process just like learning how to read and write, and all kids learn at different rates, which is to be expected. Just like kids have teachers at school, we are their teachers when it comes to many other things, including food.

Why is seafood so beneficial for everyone, especially kids?

Actually, I have a very detailed post here about why the fats in seafood — DHA and EPA — are important for growth and development. Although research shows its most essential the first few years of life, seafood intake has been found to be vital for optimal health and well-being at all stages of life. As I say in my post, plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids only convert a small amount into DHA, and the amount in fortified products isn’t enough to meet most kids and adults needs. Fatty fish like salmon, trout, and tuna, are by far the richest sources of DHA and EPA. Plus, they are excellent sources of protein, and satisfying!

What is your go-to seafood meal for busy nights?

I have to say salmon or trout. I use a simple rub that I make and store for easy convenience. Then I bake at 400º for 15-20 minutes (depending on thickness) and there’s dinner (with an easy salad and fruit).

What’s next on your “must make” seafood list?

I would like to create more seafood pasta dishes for our Tuesday Italian night. I have a great Shrimp Linguine, but I would like to add easy recipes that call for tuna or salmon.

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Here are some of our favorite seafood dishes from Maryann:

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