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Mardi Gras Magic at Home: Indulge in Cajun Seafood Creations 

Happy Mardi Gras, Seafoodies!

Or should we say “Laissez les bons temps rouler?” From the colorful beads to the lively music and unique culture, there’s nothing quite like Mardi Gras and the spirit of New Orleans! Every celebration deserves a great meal and when seafood is added to the mix, we are all about that Cajun flavor. 

One of the biggest celebrations of culture in NOLA is the cuisine. Steeped in history and amplified by a fusion of global influences, the distinctive taste of New Orleans-style food revolves around bold seasonings and unique ingredients. This is particularly true when it comes to traditional Cajun seafood dishes. Situated on the coast, New Orleans cuisine and seafood go hand-in-hand!

From the iconic Shrimp Po’ Boy to the communal and classic Seafood Jambalaya, NOLA dishes exude a simple yet sophisticated charm that embodies the very soul of Creole cuisine. The allure of these culinary traditions has transcended borders, attracting visitors from around the globe who yearn to savor a bite of the culture.

If you can’t get to New Orleans this month, why not bring some Mardi Gras into your home with some wonderful Cajun seafood recipes? These dishes are so good, your family will want to throw a parade in your kitchen to celebrate! 

Prepare to settle in with Cajun seasoning, zesty flavors and the rich essence of N’awlins. It’s time to let the good times roll with these delightful Seafood Sunday creations!

Air Fryer Shrimp Po’ Boy Burgers with Remoulade Sauce

Our Shrimp Po’ Boy Burgers combine the traditional (Cajun-seasoned shrimp and zesty remoulade sauce) with the modern-day (air-frying to perfection) to give you a truly scrumptious dish your family will love!

Grilled Cajun Shrimp and Grits 

A bowl of shrimp and grits is classic Cajun comfort food at its best! Marinated grilled shrimp atop cheesy grits, with a drizzle of spicy scallion-garlic butter…what are you waiting for? Grab a fork and dig in!

instant pot shrimp boil with sausage and corn on the cob in a serving plate

Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

In just a fraction of the time of a traditional seafood boil, savor the rich flavors and vibrant colors of a traditional Cajun shrimp boil with this mouthwatering (and easy-to-make) one-pot wonder.

Cajun Lobster Pasta

The only thing better than celebrating Fat Tuesday with pasta? Celebrating with pasta and lobster!

Lighter Cajun Tilapia Sandwich with Bacon and Lime Mayo! This fish recipe is restaurant-quality! 350 calories

Lighter Cajun Tilapia Sandwich with Bacon and Lime Mayo

For a meal that only tastes indulgent, this lightened-up cajun tilapia sandwich has bacon, lime mayo and oh-so-much flavor!

Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Pro Tip: Keep the tails on your shrimp while cooking this one-pot meal for a more robust shrimp flavor in your scampi. For easier eating, just remove the tails before serving.

Seafood Jambalaya

Embark on a culinary journey to the bayou with a traditional jambalaya! This vibrant medley of shrimp, seafood and rice infused with Cajun spices, will transport you straight to the heart of NOLA.

Cajun Crab Cakes

You can use fresh, frozen and thawed, or canned crabmeat to prepare these Cajun-inspired crab cakes. Having frozen or canned crab meat on hand has the advantage of being able to whip these up anytime you want to celebrate!

Cajun Blackened Fish

Try your hand at a classic Cajun cooking technique by learning how to “blacken” fish. Mix some spices and sear in a hot skillet to create a beautiful black (but not burnt!) crust.

Quality Louisiana seafood and a dark Cajun roux is essential for this Seafood Gumbo. (Photo credit: George Graham)

Cajun Seafood Gumbo

Experience the epitome of Louisiana’s culinary heritage with classic gumbo. A hearty stew brimming with an assortment of seafood, sausage and aromatic spices serves as a flavorful tribute to Cajun cuisine that promises a rich dining experience.

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