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Shelf-Stable Seafood: Your Fast Track to Healthy Eating

Hey, Seafoodies!

When followers ask us how they can eat healthier, our top tip is “Stock up on seafood!” It’s been shown that we actually eat with our eyes first, so we’re most tempted by whatever’s within sight—even if it’s a takeout menu! This hard-wired behavior tends to derail our good intentions unless we make a point to keep our pantry and fridge filled with delicious, good-for-you food that’s just as convenient as the less virtuous options that might entice us. This is when shelf-stable seafood saves the day!

Let’s face it: Even the most dedicated Seafoodies are not always up for cooking a meal from scratch. But that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice healthy eating goals. Shelf-stable seafood delivers all the nutrients of its fresh and frozen cousins, including muscle-building protein, anti-inflammatory omega-3s and a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Having some canned or pouched crab, tuna, salmon or clams in your pantry lets you prepare nutritious, flavorful eats with minimal effort, whether you’re fixing a full meal or an after-school snack.

Stored properly, this handy packaged seafood has a shelf life of several years, which means you can always have something on hand that’s easy to whip up. That’s like having money in the bank! Since this seafood is precooked, you can add it to soups, salads, sandwiches or pastas without additional prep—or simply enjoy it with your favorite seasonings for a quick protein boost (a great option for Seafoodies who are looking for tasty 5- and 10-minute meals).

More and more, we live in a grab-and-go world. But when you keep seafood within grabbing distance, you and your family are less likely to stray toward something with empty calories. Try these shelf-stable seafood recipes and taste for yourself how wonderful real fast food can be!

Roasted Zucchini Tuna Melts 

This modern take on the traditional tuna melt subs in keto-friendly zucchini for bread and livens things up with two cheeses, fresh lemon juice and dill.

Salmon Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce 

Ten minutes from start to yum! Canned salmon and fresh veggies are tossed in a tangy honey-mustard dressing for a delectable lunch or snack.

Avocado and Crab Salad

Ahoy! These no-cook avocado boats are brimming with crabmeat seasoned with lime, cilantro and pepper.

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