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Dishing with…Kathryn Doherty of Family Food on the Table

As an editor, blogger at Family Food on the Table and mother of two, there’s not much Kathryn Doherty isn’t doing these days. Lucky for us, she took time from her busy schedule to share some thoughts about her love of seafood and a couple tips for turning kids into little seafoodies. Read on to learn more about Kathryn’s favorite seafood recipes and what fish she can’t wait to try next.

Kathryn Doherty

Tell us about your blog.

I blog at Family Food on the Table, where I share easy, healthy, delicious recipes for the everyday home cook. I have two kids (ages 6 and 4) and a full-time job as a health and nutrition editor, so easy meals are my life saver! My hope is to encourage people to cook at home more. I think it’s one of the healthiest choices we can make for ourselves and our families!

Why do you love seafood?

I love seafood as much for its flavor and versatility as I do for its nutrition. Seafood is a lean protein and loaded with nutrients and the healthy fats that we ALL need more of. We try to eat seafood at least twice a week in my house.

What is your favorite seafood dish to make at home or order at a restaurant?

Salmon and shrimp are two of my favorites and what I cook with most at home. Honey Dijon salmon is an easy go-to for me and we all love my easy Mexican shrimp skillet. At a restaurant, I love ordering scallops, and paella is always a treat! Oh, and of course, sushi!

Any words of wisdom for parents who have picky eaters? How did you get your kids to eat seafood?

I prepared all of my own homemade baby food and I introduced seafood to both of my children before they turned 1*. My daughter’s favorite was a tilapia, sweet potato and carrot puree I made, while my son loved salmon and black beans together. So, they were familiar with seafood at an early age and now love shrimp, tilapia (especially in tacos!), tuna melts and salmon cakes. One key, for any food, is exposure. Kids may need to be exposed to a new food a dozen or more times before they’ll accept it. So just keep trying!

What’s next on your “must make” or “must order” seafood list?

Ceviche is always a favorite appetizer to order in restaurants and I want to try making it at home. I’ve also been wanting to try a baked, crusted catfish. It’s a Southern favorite and a fish I’ve neglected for far too long!


*Note from Dish on Fish: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there is no scientific evidence for delaying the introduction of seafood. Unless you have a family history of food allergies, you can offer soft, bite-sized pieces of cooked salmon, cod or canned tuna to babies who are already eating and tolerating solid foods (after 4-6 months of age).

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