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Dishing with… Stacey Mattinson

If simple is the name of your game, you will likely get along well with this month’s “Dishing with” contributor. As a nutritionist and clinical dietitian, Stacey Mattinson is no stranger to the health benefits and ease of cooking seafood. We grabbed her for some valuable insights on the simplicity of seafood, and also found out which family recipe she’s dying to remake. Read on to learn more!

Stacey Mattinson

Image Credit: Stacey Mattinson

Tell us about your blog.

The goal of my blog is to help make healthy eating fun and easy! I write about hot nutrition topics, give no-fail nutrition tips, and share free recipes. – Stacey Mattinson

Why do you love seafood?

Fish is nutritious and easy to make, and it offers loads of flavor options! Plus, there is seafood for every occasion, from a light, flaky fish to a heavier, meaty fish, from calamari to shellfish, and from appetizer to entrée. – Stacey Mattinson

What are your tips for people looking to improve their health by including seafood in their diet?

Aim to include fish at least twice weekly in your diet! It’s quick to make, so you can throw it together for a weeknight meal and save leftovers for lunch. – Stacey Mattinson

Any words of wisdom for people who might be intimidated by the idea of preparing seafood at home?

Olive oil with a little salt and pepper is your best friend. Sauté seafood on the stovetop, bake or broil it in the oven, or throw it on the grill! You can mix it up with various herbs, spices or seasoning blends. Serve with your favorite veggies and whole grains, for a well-balanced meal. – Stacey Mattinson

They say seafood is very beneficial for everyone, no matter their age. Why is that?

Seafood is a nutrient powerhouse! It is a lean source of protein and rich in essential omega-3 fats, such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is also one of the only food sources of vitamin D, making it a food category you do not want to miss. – Stacey Mattinson

What’s next on your “must-make” or “must-order” seafood list?

If I am dining out, I am a total sucker for salmon salad or scallops … but growing up, my mom used to make these delicious salmon cakes, and I have plans to whip those up at home soon! – Stacey Mattinson

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