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Dishing with… Meme Inge of Living Well Kitchen

Come one, come all. Today, we are chatting with Meme Inge, registered dietitian nutritionist and blogger at Living Well Kitchen. Meme has a passion for helping women have a positive relationship with food, while also teaching them how to feel comfortable in their own kitchens. Her love of seafood started at a young age and hasn’t slowed down since. Now, she uses her platform to reach women everywhere and share some of her seafood favorites.

Meme Inge

Tell us about you and your blog.

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, and I work to show females how to have a positive relationship with food and feel more comfortable in the kitchen, whether they’re cooking for themselves or for their family of four. I also love to create easy and delicious recipes. I am from Alabama and now live in sunny San Diego. My blog is focused on having fun with food. It has a lighthearted approach to living a balanced life through enjoying food that nourishes your body, while also appreciating those fun foods on occasion without feeling guilty. I create recipe videos to prove that cooking can be fun, and eating a balanced diet is both delicious and satisfying.

Why is seafood so beneficial for everyone?

Seafood is a great source of protein, and certain types of seafood offer beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that our body needs to fight inflammation. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile and there are so many delicious ways to enjoy it!

Why do you love seafood?

Seafood holds a special place in my heart because growing up, seafood was a staple in my house. Mobile, AL is right off the Gulf of Mexico and someone was always going fishing and bringing home their fresh catch, whether it was my dad, our neighbor, one of my mom’s partners, anyone! In the summer, we caught crabs off of our wharf (in Mobile Bay) and would have crab boils with our family. I love that seafood is so budget friendly. My favorite childhood seafood memory is catching a flounder off our dock in the morning, and my dad cooking it for me to eat for breakfast! I’ll take flounder for breakfast any day of the week. Happy memories aside, seafood has always been my go-to protein source, especially when eating away from home. It’s filled with protein that makes me feel satisfied and energized. Plus, it’s delicious, and there are so many types of seafood to choose from!

What is your favorite seafood dish to make at home or order at a restaurant?

I have always been a sucker for fried crab claws, but I usually get those as an appetizer. I love salmon or any fish with a light sauce and some veggies on the side. If you can add in some mashed potatoes or a slice of crusty bread, I’ll be one happy girl. At home, I love cooking salmon en papillote. For a special dinner at home, I’ll coat red snapper in kettle cooked potato chips and pan fry it.

Any words of wisdom for people who might be intimidated by preparing seafood at home?

Start small. I think it’s sad that people find it intimidating to cook at home when it really doesn’t have to be! Canned tuna and salmon are great entry points because they are budget-friendly and easy to cook. I make tuna and salmon burgers all the time, and they are so simple to make and delicious. I like to make a sauce to add a little something extra just in case you are nervous to start. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, I recommend cooking en papillote because it’s almost effortless to do.

What’s next on your “must make” or “must order” seafood list?

I have never tried cooking scallops at home and feel like that should be on my to-do list. Also, I’d love to try octopus at home. As for at a restaurant, I think I’ve covered eating every seafood item on the menu at restaurants because I order seafood 99% of the time when I go out to eat.

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