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Our Favorite Light Shrimp Scampi Skewers Recipe

Happy Sunday, friends!

We never want to sacrifice flavor when “lightening up” a recipe at Dish on Fish, so we’re sharing the perfect healthy seafood with you today – our waistline-friendly Shrimp Scampi Skewers.

These kebabs are packed with good-for-you flavor, marrying lemon zest, the heat of red pepper flakes and scrumptious shrimp together into one fun, fabulous dish. Their time on the grill gives the shrimp an even more impressive taste and texture, making this one of our favorite ways to cook up America’s favorite seafood.

And, as if this dish couldn’t get any better, it’ll take you just 20 minutes to prepare, making it great to have on-hand for those busy weeknights (you could even make these on your indoor grill pan!). Keep in-mind that seafood skewers are a fun way to get others excited to try new and different types of seafood, not just shrimp! We hope you enjoy!

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