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New Year’s Resolutions: How Seafood Can Help You Stay on Course

Hi, Seafoodies!

You know what they say about New Year’s resolutions: They go in one year and out the other! Sorry, bad joke! But seriously, we know how hard it can be to stick to our goals, especially when we’re fighting basic human psychology rather than rolling with it. Nutritionists have found that any healthy eating plan is more likely to succeed if you focus on what you should eat—like 2 to 3 servings of seafood a week, according to the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) —rather than restricting what you shouldn’t.

Sounds great, but how do you get started? You’ve probably heard that it helps to break down goals into smaller, actionable steps. Yep, it really works! One simple change that can make a big difference: Each week try replacing a meal (or two!) of pork, chicken or beef with some delicious seafood like salmon, shrimp or tilapia. This will allow you to work toward the DGA recommendations while you’re reaping the numerous health benefits that seafood provides, such as improved heart function, a sharper mind and healthier eyes (and the list goes on!).

While you’re at it, load more veggies on your plate—most Americans don’t get enough of these, either! Together, seafood and vegetables give you plenty of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals—in other words, all the nutrition you need for a healthy 2023!

When you fill up on the good stuff first, your cravings for less-healthy food tend to subside. You also may discover that a commitment to nutritious eating brings your other health-related goals—like physical fitness and better sleep—well within reach. That’s a resolution win!

Wow, who knew keeping your New Year’s resolutions could be as easy as eating some seafood! Here are some clean-eating (not to mention mouthwatering) recipes to inspire you.

Three-Ingredient Tilapia Skillet 

Start the year right with this tomatoey tilapia sauté that requires only a few pantry ingredients. Best of all, it’s ready in just 20 minutes!

Skinny Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad 

Next up in our 2023 recipe rotation: a budget- and waistline-minded tuna salad, lightened up with Greek yogurt and fresh lemon juice. Generous chunks of apple and celery give this dish a satisfying crunch.

Honey Garlic Shrimp 

If you’re having trouble deciding what’s for dinner, you can never go wrong with shellfish! This Asian stir-fry features seared shrimp with broccoli and onion in an addictive, soy-sesame glaze.

Salmon Greek Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing 

There are few things in life as refreshing as a lemony, grilled salmon salad, and this one is especially well-balanced, with briny feta, crunchy walnuts and crisp, fresh veggies.

Loaded Tuna and Feta Salad 

This isn’t your everyday tuna salad, no siree! Creamy avocado, green peas and fresh herbs elevate this dish while the piquant mustard-garlic dressing brings acidity.

Imitation Crab Salad 

With the help of some sweet corn, cucumber and chopped eggs, versatile surimi makes a stunning salad you can enjoy in lettuce cups, with pita chips or straight-up out of a bowl!

Seafood Cioppino with Charred Bread 

The perfect warm-you-up meal for a chilly winter night, this extra-special cioppino gathers shrimp, mussels, clams and halibut in a spicy tomato broth. Serve with charred bread for dipping!

Wild Alaska Pollock en Papillote with Chimichurri Sauce 

Eye-popping, yes. Sassy, for sure. And healthy, to boot! Chimichurri sauce makes a bold statement in these succulent white-fish-and-veggie packets that can be steamed in the oven or on the grill.

Simple Scallops 

These delectable jumbo scallops immediately caught our attention! They’re dusted in breadcrumbs, browned in a skillet and served in a light, lemon-garlic sauce over sautéed zucchini noodles.

Salmon Stir-Fry with Vegetables 

A delight to make and even more enjoyable to eat, this colorful dish combines tender chunks of salmon with broccoli, carrots and yellow squash.

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