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#SeafoodSunday/ Salmon/ Tuna

3 Juicy Seafood Burgers to Jump-Start Your Summer

Happy #SeafoodSunday, Seafoodies!

It’s almost here. Something’s abuzz on the horizon, and it’s not just the Brood X cicadas… it’s summer! Next week marks the official start of this glorious season, which means three months of enjoying seafood BBQs and other casual fare. We’re here for it!

When it comes to food, nothing screams summer like a juicy burger, especially a seafood burger. If you’re looking to serve something a little bit different from standard cookout fare, seafood burgers are the ticket. They’re a healthy alternative to red meat that can be enjoyed by omnivores, pescatarians and flexitarians alike. They’re also delicious, so serving them at your next gathering will make your guests extremely happy campers.

Plus, it’s super-easy to make your own seafood burgers at home. If you have some fish in your freezer or some tuna or salmon in your pantry, you’re good to go. Add some bold seasonings and burger fixings, and you can get this summer started!

Our seafood burgers sear nicely and can take on just about any seasoning. We love these classic salmon patties with dill and red pepper, sauteed until golden brown. Cobia fillets are brushed with a piquant lemon-Dijon marinade and simply grilled. Or, how about these tuna burgers—an Asian-Mexican fusion dish—that are pan-fried to perfection?

These burger recipes are all simple, boldly flavored and sure to please, so you’ll be ready to jump into summer with both feet (and a spatula!). Enjoy!

Nutritious Salmon Sliders Made Easy

Who knew little sliders could be so big on taste? Heart-healthy salmon patties are seasoned, sautéed and served on Hawaiian rolls. They’ll certainly get snapped up quickly at your next casual event!

Grilled Cobia Seafood Sliders

These mini cheeseburgers-of-the-sea feature cobia, a mild white fish that’s full of flavor and protein. You can serve up these tasty handhelds hot off the grill!

Scallion and Sesame Tuna Burgers with Ancho Chili Sauce

Wait, sesame and ancho chiles? Trust us, it works! Geographically speaking, these tuna burgers are all over the map, but on a plate they’re a compelling argument that seafood is the universal language.

Sesame Tuna Burger

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