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#SeafoodSunday/ Salmon/ Tuna

Easy Sheet-Pan Seafood Meals You Can Make Tonight

Happy #SeafoodSunday, Seafoodies!

For Seafoodies there are a few major milestones in the kitchen: 1) discovering how a squeeze of lemon compliments every seafood dish, 2) mastering a simple seafood skewer 3) and discovering seafood sheet-pan cooking! Yep, once you’ve tried living on the sheet-pan side of life, you’ll never want to go back! Prep time is minimal, cook time is short and cleanup is a breeze. (It’s even breezier when you line the pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil.) With a sheet pan in the oven, you can reclaim much-needed time to catch up with the fam, help with homework or put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine! Sounds good, right?

These recipes feature heart-healthy tuna steaks or salmon fillets—either fresh or straight from your freezer (another time-saver and the reason our freezers are stocked with seafood). Add some veggies, seasonings and high heat, and you’ll get a well-balanced, mouthwatering meal that’s faster—and so much better for you—than take-out. It’s the perfect solution for busy school nights, late work nights or any time you want to take it easy in the kitchen.

And remember, Seafoodies: Fast and flavorful are not mutually exclusive! These fish dishes are infused with bold flavors like lemon, herbs and garlic butter. It’s never been so effortless to get your two to three servings of seafood a week recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It will only taste as though you spent a long time in the kitchen!

These dishes are versatile, so you can switch it up, mix and match or substitute with the ingredients you have on hand (green beans for broccoli, garlic butter for ginger-soy marinade).  Try these recipes with tilapia, cod, haddock, Wild Alaska Pollock or shrimp. When you realize your next dinner is just a sheet pan away, the possibilities are endless!

Here are some foolproof sheet-pan combinations to get you started. Plus, we’re including a five-star, one-pan salmon recipe that’s a team favorite. Enjoy!

Sheet-Pan Lemon-Herb Tuna Steak with Potatoes

Lemony, spice-rubbed tuna roasts alongside crisp Parmesan potatoes in this satisfying, one-pan meal.

Five-Ingredient Sheet-Pan Salmon

The secret to flawless oven-roasted salmon? Italian dressing! A quick marinade keeps the salmon moist while the veggies caramelize in the same pan.

Salmon and Asparagus with a Garlicky Herb Butter

Seafoodies know: Compound butter is the (flavor) bomb! This sheet-pan salmon dish will delight with a buttery explosion of citrus, garlic and parsley in every bite!

Bonus Recipe: One-Pan Mediterranean Salmon [Video]

We’re bending the rules a bit to include this one-pan stovetop meal! Bursting with the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean—wine, lemon, herbs, olives, capers—this simple dish checks all the no-fuss, high-taste boxes!

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