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Gluten-Free Seafood Recipes Everyone Will Love

Happy #SeafoodSunday, Seafoodies!

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot more options for gluten-free (GF) eating these days. That’s welcome news for all the Seafoodies out there who avoid gluten, whether it’s because of Celiac disease or other health reasons or just personal preference. Of course, seafood, is naturally gluten-free. 

But with the influx of GF products on the market, you can adapt just about any formerly gluten-full seafood recipe — crab cakes, fish sticks, seafood pastas — to the GF lifestyle, too. Check out our roundup of GF recipe ideas to see what we’re talking about!

Where to start? How about some Alaska halibut grilled with a kicky, homemade pesto, or tender salmon baked in an addictive, ginger-garlic marinade? Both deliver a perfect “10” on flavor while keeping prep time to a minimum. Or, if you’re a shellfish fan, we’ve got plenty of GF options, like cheesy, seafood-stuffed enchiladas, crab-stuffed acorn squash and spicy shrimp sautéed with tropical fruit and coconut.

Then there are the rice recipes. Oh, my! Sunny, Mediterranean shrimp bowls are a GF treat, and we offer two takes on fried rice: Thai-style, with lump crabmeat and chilis and Spanish-inspired, with shrimp, chorizo and paprika. And our roundup wouldn’t be complete without some “can’t believe it’s GF” dishes — crunchy lobster bites or lemony scallops linguine, anyone? Meals like these redefine what gluten-free can be.

Seafoodies, our philosophy is simple: gluten-free should be delicious. These GF dishes are so awesome that everyone — GF or not — will be clamoring for more.

Thankfully, seafood fits incredibly well into a GF meal plan, so you can enjoy all of its health benefits while sticking to your regimen. And no matter what your dietary preferences, these are dishes you can serve proudly, and no one at the table will miss a thing!

Crab-Stuffed Acorn Squash 

Hello, dinner! Behold lucious lump crabmeat, two cheeses and aromatics baked in an edible squash bowl. Dust with GF panko breadcrumbs for a crunchy topping.

Caribbean Shrimp with Tropical Fruit 

No substitutions are needed in this lively dish featuring jerk-seasoned shrimp, fresh fruit and coconut. Serve with brown rice or on a bed of greens for a GF entrée everyone will love.

Air Fryer GF Crab Cakes 

Pssst … did you know the air fryer is the secret to mouthwatering crab cakes? Impeccably seasoned crab just needs some egg and yogurt as a binder, plus GF panko for that crunch you crave.

Mediterranean Shrimp Bowls 

Quick-cooking shrimp, tossed with lemon, herbs and garlic, is a standout in these loaded rice bowls topped with a minty, tomato-cuke salad and crumbles of salty feta.

Thai-Style Crab Fried Rice 

It’s amazing what you can do with a little crab and some leftover rice! Swap in tamari for soy sauce, and you’re on the way to a spicy, chewy and flavorful GF treat.

GF Fish Sticks 

Need a quick, after-school snack or weeknight dinner? These yummy fish sticks crisp up in the air fryer or oven in as little as 20 minutes!

Easy Asian Tuna Vermicelli Noodle Salad 

A twist on the popular Vietnamese noodle salad, this make-ahead dish is portable (think: school lunches) and uses common pantry ingredients. In addition to being GF, it’s also free of nuts, dairy, soy and eggs.

Lemon Basil Pasta with Seared Scallops 

Toss your favorite GF linguine — or zoodles — with perfectly seared scallops, fresh corn and a cashew “cream” sauce for an easy and elegant meal.

Pesto Grilled Alaska Halibut Steak 

One of our fave ways to enjoy white fish: straight off the grill! Mix up some fresh pesto, and you’re good to go in 10 minutes.

Seafood Enchiladas with Shrimp and Scallops 

Craving some comfort food? You can enjoy these easy, cheesy seafood enchiladas in just 30 minutes, and the corn tortillas make it a GF meal.

Seared Scallops and Cauliflower Rice Risotto 

If you’re following a keto diet in addition to avoiding gluten, this recipe gives you the best of both worlds! Creamy, low-carb risotto with cauliflower, broccoli and Parmesan makes the perfect backdrop for the star of the show: seared scallops.

Chorizo and Shrimp Fried Rice 

Packed with protein and bringing some heat, this shrimp and chorizo recipe showcases an inspired flavor combo! Plus, it’s a clean-out-the-fridge dish that can be easily adjusted to accommodate whatever veggies and spices you have on hand.

Spicy Lobster Bites 

Pan-fried lobster chunks get their GF crispiness from cornstarch and spices. Serve with a pickled onion-cucumber salad and a chili dipping sauce that’s out of this world!

Honey-Glazed Ginger Garlic Salmon 

Heart-healthy salmon bakes beautifully with a fresh ginger-garlic glaze that’s laced with honey, rice vinegar and a jolt of sriracha. Sub in tamari for soy sauce, and it’s a GF meal, too.

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