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Our 7 Favorite Recipes for a Holiday Hangover

Hey, Seafoodies!

Holidays are in full swing, which may mean burning the holiday candle at both ends. To paraphrase a wise seafood lover, if you want to hoot with the owls at night, you can’t soar with the eagles in the morning! Another glass of champagne or slice of cake might seem like a good idea at the time, but hindsight is 20/20, right? But there are three steps you can take to put your best foot forward when the merriment catches up with you the next day … rest, hydration and good nutrition—like eating some healthy seafood. So if you’re nursing a hangover or major sugar overload, pull up a chair and read on.

We all know there isn’t a real cure-all for overindulgence, but we also know that eating some seafood the day after a rockin’ eve can give your body some of what it needs to recover. For one thing, you’ll get plenty of protein, which will increase your energy levels and help you feel like yourself again. Seafood is also rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, and can help replace depleted electrolytes like potassium.

Since we believe nourishing food can be the best medicine, we wanted to share our favorite seafood recipes that might help you come back to life more quickly. All of these delish dishes combine seafood with other nutrient-rich foods, like eggs and avocado. And, many of them can be prepped ahead of time. Whether you’re jonesing for a smoked salmon breakfast bowl or shrimp casserole, bagels or avocado toast, clam pasta or crab lasagna, you’ll find a post-celebration recipe that will make the day-after infinitely better.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl 

Here’s an un-bowl-ievable breakfast that’s good for whatever ails you—fluffy scrambled eggs topped with luxurious smoked salmon, broiled tomatoes and a dollop of crème fraîche.

Everything Bagels with Smoked Trout, Pickled Radish and Wasabi Cream Cheese 

Smoky, tangy, creamy and chewy. These bagels are seriously craveable, with the delicate smoked trout, creamy avocado and a savory kick of everything seasoning.

Cheesy Shrimp Breakfast Casserole 

Here’s one for the planners—prep this satisfying dish before you head out for the evening, then pop it in the oven the next day while you’re brewing coffee.

Instant Pot Pasta with Red Clam Sauce 

If you’ve got an Instant Pot, treat yourself to this nourishing linguine and clam sauce that practically makes itself. Cooking the pasta and sauce in one pot? Game-changer!

Shrimp Avocado Toast 

When you’re recovering from a late night, you need effortless comfort food. This ultra-simple shrimp-avo toast gets the job done!

Crab Lasagna 

This cheesy, crab-kale lasagna tastes absolutely crabulous! It’s also loaded with immune-supporting and fatigue-fighting nutrients like vitamins A, C and B-12.

Beer-Battered Wild Alaska Pollock and Chips 

Craving some fish and chips? This air fryer dish lets you enjoy good ol’ fashioned pub grub at home (but healthier!), along with some anti-inflammatory nutrients, like vitamin B-12 and selenium.

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