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Pescatarian Playbook: 5 Simple Swaps to Get More Seafood in Your Diet

Hey, Seafoodies!

We hope you’re been joining us during National Pescatarian Month and taking the pescatarian challenge to eat seafood at least two to three times per week! It’s such a fun way to meet your goals for better health, tastier meals and overall well-being.

Today’s “check-in” comes with a simple idea of how to incorporate more seafood each week. Ready? Keep eating your favorite meals… but add in seafood! Do you love pizza? Top it with shrimp, crab, anchovies or smoked salmon. Pasta night? Add in mussels, shrimp, salmon, tuna or crab. Is Caesar Salad your “go-to” restaurant meal? Tell the waiter to top it with seafood!  Here are five easy swaps that will help you make the switch to seafood. Go pescatarian!

1. If you’re craving a flavorful burger …

Swap in: Your favorite fish

Swapping in seafood is a fun and healthy twist on America’s favorite handheld. Swap your typical protein for salmon, tuna, shrimp, crabmeat, cod, Wild Alaska Pollock, tilapia or other white fish. Seafood burgers are lower in saturated fat with the added boost of heart-healthy omega-3s. They’re readily available at your seafood counter, in the freezer case and at your local restaurant. Plus, they’re just plain delicious. If you’re entertaining at home, try serving these juicy salmon sliders and watch them disappear!

2. If you’re a bacon buff …

Swap in: Smoked salmon

Try satisfying your morning salt craving by swapping out bacon for smoked salmon, which is equally delectable but much healthier! You can substitute smoked salmon whenever you’re making eggs, toast or sandwiches. Or, whip up this hearty breakfast bowl that has all the protein you need (way less of the saturated fat you don’t) to start your day.

3. Perhaps you’re hankering for a savory sandwich …

Swap in: Crabmeat, tuna or shrimp

Midday meals often have something sandwiched between two slices of bread–make that “something” seafood! We’re talking shrimp, tuna or crab salad! Speaking of crab, it’s a rich source of lean protein and the immune-boosting antioxidants, and a better choice when you want to reduce saturated fat and sodium. This crab salad balances the naturally sweet crab with briny artichokes, creamy avocado and loads of veggie crunch. It’s the perfect sandwich filler or salad topper.

4. Love to take a dip?

Add in: Shrimp, crab, trout

It’s tailgate season–which means dip time! If digging into a savory dip is a go-to, up your game and punch up the protein with a seafood dip. Just add in a pescatarian protein from your pantry or freezer. This bubbly baked spinach and artichoke dip recipe mixes in some shrimp for a protein boost.

5. If you’re a grilling gourmand …

Swap in: Tuna

The next time you’re grilling up shish kabobs, try some tuna and prepare to be wowed! The grill gives tuna steak a mouthwatering sear and texture. These Mediterranean tuna skewers are infused with a garlic-herb marinade, lending a meaty umami flavor to your pescatarian meal. Try them and you’ll be hooked!

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    Betsy D.
    October 27, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    Just made the breakfast bowl with smoked salmon!! It was absolutely DELICIOUS. My husband and I are trying keto for a month but we didn’t know what to do for breakfast. Thank goodness I just put in a huge salmon order ( Thanks for the rec!

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