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Tailgate Seafood Dishes for Football Season: September Meal Plan

It’s September, seafoodies, which means football season has kicked off and it’s officially tailgate time! Whether you’re headed to a game, hanging out with neighbors or hosting your own game day party, you’ll score big with these crowd-pleasing tailgate seafood dishes and apps.

This month’s meal plan makes game day a breeze with 10 touchdown-worthy and crowd-pleasing recipes that are perfect any time of day.

Your grub game will be strong this football season – especially with seafood as your MVP. These tailgate seafood dishes are healthy, delicious and impossible to resist: Grab and go sweet crab and savory egg muffins. Flavorful tuna on crusty bread. Cheesy and garlicky clam pizza. Chunky shrimp and blue cheese. Beer-battered fish bites. Mexican-inspired chili with a seafood twist. Creamy smoked salmon. Cheesy lobster quesadillas. Are your taste buds awake yet? Yep, ours too!

We can’t guarantee a win for the home team, but with this seafood lineup, you will be the MVP of the tailgate!

Tasty Tailgate Seafood Dishes

Easy Egg & Crab Muffins

Protein-packed and filling, these crab and egg bites are a bit savory and sweet and a whole lot satisfying.

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Bruschetta with Tuna, Arugula & Beans

Perfect in a time-crunch, this app requires almost no effort but offers up a big, tasty reward.

Source: NY Times. Get the recipe here.

Chunky Shrimp & Blue Cheese Dip

Bite-sized shrimp blended with creamy blue cheese, sour cream and mayo make a dip that will leave everyone cheering for more.

Source: Anns Liee. Get the recipe here. 

Smoked Salmon Dip

This super easy salmon dip will be a crowd-pleaser all season long. No, wait. Make that all year long.

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Skinny Baked Popcorn Shrimp

We’re not gonna lie … these crispy shrimp poppers are deliciously addictive (and guilt-free!).

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Lobster Quesadillas

Warm lobster meat blanketed with bubbling cheese and crispy tortilla is heaven in your mouth.

Source: Chop Happy. Get the recipe here.

Beer Battered Haddock Bites

Are you ready for these crispy bites of bold fish and even bolder seasonings? We sure hope so.

Source: More Than You Can Chew. Get the recipe here.

Autumn Seafood Chili

Southwestern spices, chunks of cod, butternut squash and beans deliciously meld together in a unique chili you won’t be able to resist.

Source: Whole Foods Market. Get the recipe here.

White Sauce Pizza with Clams & Linguica

There’s nothing ‘little’ about the slightly salty and slightly sweet taste of this pie. It’s chockfull of littleneck clams and topped with melted cheese.

Source: Me and the Clams. Get the recipe here.

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