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White Fish for the Win

Hey, Seafoodies!

Good health, winning taste! That’s one of our mantras at the Dish on Fish. One way to win is getting the 2 to 3 servings of seafood a week that are recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). Another winning strategy? Aim for variety! Eating a variety of seafood 2 to 3 times each week ensures you’re getting a variety of nutrients. So try switching up your seafood—fatty fish one day, white fish and shellfish the next—to reap the biggest nutrient bang! This can break you out of a menu rut, too, and you might even find a new favorite!

This month, we want to focus on white fish and why we think it’s such a winner for your recipe repertoire. Cod, Wild Alaska Pollock, tilapia, basa/swai, haddock, halibut, sea bass—we love it all! A key benefit of white fish is its versatility. It’s a kitchen chameleon that takes on whatever seasoning you dish out! Stock your freezer with white fish, and you’ll always be ready to get creative with any cuisine. In recipes, white fish species are virtually interchangeable, so you can substitute whichever one is available at your market. And stock your freezer with white fish for easy weeknight meals—because like these fabulous meals, it can also be cooked from frozen! 

What’s more, the mild taste of white fish makes it an easy “starter fish” for your little Seafoodies (or not-so-little Seafoodies with picky palates). According to DGA, we should start giving our kids some seafood as early as 6 months of age, to help provide critical nutrients that support their brain development and immune systems. Introducing fish at a young age can help shape lifelong taste preferences and help create healthy eating habits, too. #parentingwin!

For Seafoodies of any age, white fish is a winning nutrient-rich choice. It’s especially rich in phosphorus and B vitamins, which we need to protect our bones, boost immunity, fight inflammation and protect against heart disease and cancer. White fish is lean, low in calories and loaded with protein, making for satisfying meals that keep us full longer.

And best of all, white fish is just plain delicious! So, the next time you’re looking to win over your family and friends at dinner, check out one of our white fish recipes. Perhaps we can tempt you with some Wild Alaska Pollock en Papillote with Chimichurri Sauce or Lemon Tilapia Piccata

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