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Frozen to Fabulous: 7 Seafood Recipes You Can Cook Right From the Freezer

Forget to defrost your fish in time for dinner? Trying to clear out the freezer? Relax. We’ve got you covered with these tasty and time-saving recipes that’ll take your seafood meals from freezer to table in no time flat.

Frozen seafood is flash-frozen, which makes it the perfect protein to keep stocked in your freezer. When properly stored, it can last in your freezer up to 6 months AND you can cook it from frozen! All that to say that you can cook as much or as little heart-healthy seafood as you want at any time.

Whether your preference is busting out the Instant Pot, firing up the skillet or serving up dinner on a sheet pan, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite seafood recipes you can whip up right from the freezer. Now let’s get cookin’!

Garlic Shrimp Pasta

BIG flavor with very LITTLE effort. This shrimp pasta dish will make you feel like you’re at a five-star restaurant, while in the comfort of your own kitchen.

frozen seafood

Source: Well Plated. Get the frozen seafood recipe here

Lemon Pepper Salmon & Green Beans

20 minutes is all you’ll need for this taste bud pleasing and easy-to-prep dish that’s perfect for any weeknight.

frozen seafood

Source: The Baby Steps Dietician. Get the frozen seafood recipe here.

Seafood Rice Skillet

This tasty nod to seafood paella is heavy on flavor, but light on the wallet and time you’ll spend in the kitchen.

frozen seafood

Source: Budget Bytes. Get the frozen seafood recipe here.

Crab Muffins

This perfect easy-to-make breakfast of Egg & Crab Muffins can be made ahead so they are ready for “rise and shine” mornings! A perfect balance of rich flavors – and – easy to make. Perfect breakfast or snack for the kids, too!

frozen seafood

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here

Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Salmon

Simply throw together (in one of our fave cooking gadgets!) and you’ve got a dish that’s super flavorful but not super time-consuming. Win-win!

frozen seafood

Source: The Natural Nurturer. Get the frozen seafood recipe here

Cod & Corn Chowder

Combine delicious cod with some potatoes and fresh vegetables for a tasty seafood soup that is ready in just 15 minutes!

frozen seafood

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Baked Sea Scallops

Delicate scallops topped with flavor-packed and crunchy breadcrumbs is pasta’s new BFF.

frozen seafood

Source: The Spruce Eats. Get the frozen seafood recipe here.

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