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6 Sizzling Seafood Soups and Stews

Soup in ON, Seafoodies!

The air is chilly here and we are craving a big steaming bowl of soup –  filled to the brim with seafood! On this #SeafoodSunday, we’re bringing you some seafood soup and stew recipes that will bring some sizzle to your table this December. These recipes feature bold flavors, warming spices and delicious seafood. And they’re super-easy to make at home, so you and your family can enjoy them all winter long!

First up: a fish-filled cioppino that’s packing some heat. This fusion soup adds some Tex-Mex to a Cali classic. Or, try this recipe for Tikka Masala with seared salmon. Its wonderful aroma will tempt you, and the first taste will seal the deal! If it’s chowder you’re craving, we’ve got three to choose from: a traditional creamy clam version, a lighter cod and corn alternative or an over-the-top lobster fest! Plus, there’s a freezer-to-Instant Pot salmon soup that delivers long-simmered flavor in just minutes—a real sanity-saver for busy weeknights.

Another benefit of these spectacular soups? Lots of nutrients for a healthy immune system! Packed with immune-supporting nutrients like omega-3s, vitamin-12 and zinc, seafood is a winter superfood. You can read more about these seafood nutrients here! 

Ready to shake up your Sunday menu? Soup’s on!

Tex-Mex Chorizo Seafood Cioppino

Your favorite seafood soup with a healthy dose of Olé! Jumbo shrimp, tender mussels and mild rockfish in an addictive smoky tomato broth will really take the chill off.

Fish Tikka Masala

Salmon is the universal language spoken by all cuisines. Pan-seared and slow-simmered in a flavorful stew, this fish is a natural match for flavor-forward Indian spices and a rich, tomato-based curry.

Instant Pot Salmon Tortellini Soup

When you have a Dinner 911 situation, call on your Instant Pot and a few freezer staples. This healthy and satisfying 20-minute soup will come to your rescue!

Clam Chowder

Mmmmm … clams, bacon and creamy goodness. This hearty, traditional “chowdah” is the real New England deal!

Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder

If you’re craving comfort food and want to serve something truly special, try this downright decadent chowder overflowing with succulent lobster, bay scallops and chunks of tender white fish. Potatoes, cream and an abundance of fresh thyme give this soup a rich, smooth finish.

Healthy Cod and Corn Chowder

Studded with sweet corn, potatoes and a hint of red pepper, this light and flavorful fish chowder is simple to prepare. A worthy candidate for your weeknight recipe rotation!

Cod and Clam Chowder

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