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Take a Trip Down South with Our Low Country Seafood Roundup

Here’s to another Seafood Sunday, seafoodies!

Have you noticed all of the websites now where you can take virtual tours of museums, zoos, and parks? Well since we can’t travel right now, today we are taking a virtual foodie trip to the Low Country for a roundup of our favorite low country seafood recipes. Known for rich culinary traditions and flavorful recipes, the coastal region of South Carolina and Georgia—also known as the low country, is just the spot for finding delicious seafood dishes made with a Southern flair.

Seafood tends to play a starring role in low country recipes. Many of these new favorite recipes demonstrate the inspiring and fun ways we can cook with fish, shellfish, and mollusk at home.

Besides their distinctive blend of vibrant flavors, these low country seafood dishes are loaded with essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, magnesium and more. We all know the national Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that individuals eat at least 2 to 3 weekly servings of seafood. We think you’ll agree that this roundup makes eating 2-3 seafood meals easy!

Okay ya’ll, waddya’ say we head to low-country for some of our must-try round-up of some southern favorites.

Smoked Salmon Hash

Cast iron skillets were made for southern cooking! And this Smoked Salmon Hash is no exception. This dish makes for an excellent breakfast or brunch option for your Sunday mornings, so you can start your morning with a health boost from the omega-3s in salmon!

lowcountry seafood recipes

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

The Lowcountry in One Pot

A true treat that’s perfect for any special occasion, stone crabs are an irresistible delicacy. They go exceedingly well here, headlining a list of ingredients that includes Old Bay seasoning, boiled potatoes and corn. And here’s more great news: This recipe also calls for shrimp, so you get double the seafood taste and health benefits!

lowcountry seafood recipes

Source: Garden and Gun. Get the recipe here.

Instant Pot Cheesy Shrimp and Grits

While shrimp is clearly the star of this dish, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill grits we’re making. To create an unforgettable shrimp-n-grits dinner that you’ll make again and again, we’ve upped the ante by adding goat cheese and chives to the grits. The result: a savory, cheesy and oh-so-satisfying seafood meal that will have your mouth watering before you even turn your Instant Pot on.

lowcountry seafood recipes

Source: Dish on Fish. Get the recipe here.

Charleston She-Crab Soup

If you’ve ever been to Charleston, SC it’s a good bet you’ve tried the famous she-crab soup they’ve got going on there. Rich cream, sweet crab and savory spices blend to create a mélange of flavors in this one-dish meal. Pair with a little wine and a crusty bread, and your family members and guests will be asking for it every Sunday!

lowcountry seafood recipes

Source: Southern Kitchen. Get the recipe here.

Lowcountry Oysters Rockefeller

This dish works equally well for that back-to-the-norm gathering you can’t wait to host or that warm spring afternoon when you can lounge outside for hours. Delicious and nutritious, this delectable combination of oysters, flavorful stock and collard greens will have you counting down the days until you make this again.

lowcountry seafood recipes

Source: Wine Enthusiast. Get the recipe here.

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