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September Meal Plan: Back 2 Meal Prepping – with Seafood

Hello Seafoodies and happy September!

Even though back-to-school looks different this year, there is something about September that has us ready for routines. For us, that means seafood meal prep to create balanced and delicious family meals! September is National Family Meals Month and we are celebrating by showing you how to use our easy monthly plan to meal prep some terrific seafood options to enjoy with your family. 

Meal prepping may have been put on the back burner this summer because everyone needed a break from the stressful spring. We are guessing you have a lot on your plate this fall, as well. At Dish on Fish, we find that meal prepping makes our entire week go smoothly.

Seafood is our protein of choice because studies show that the omega-3s from seafood are critical for healthy brain function—and development. So now that your little Seafoodies are hitting the books again, try incorporating seafood into their meals at least two to three times each week. 

For breakfast and brunch, whip up some of our make-ahead Easy Egg & Crab Muffins. You can make these tasty morsels today, store in the fridge and then reheat all week for a quick breakfast or mid-morning study break. Our Salmon Avocado Boats get an A+ for combining two super foods for a nutritious and tasty morning. For a quick lunch, meal prep the Loaded Shrimp Burrito Bowls and the Tuna & White Bean Salad, both delicious and light. And since September is Family Meals Month, we’ve featured some healthy, colorful and easy sheet-pan recipes starring salmon and tilapia.

We hope you have fun with this September Meal Plan. You’ll notice it includes seafood from the pantry, as well as the salmon, shrimp and tilapia you probably have in the freezer. Make it easy. Make it nutritious. Make it seafood this September!

For Breakfast

Easy Egg & Crab Muffin

Meal prep these protein-packed Egg & Crab Muffins and you’ll be able to enjoy an easy, filling breakfast each day of the week. Make ahead because these are delicious reheated!

Get the recipe here.

For Brunch

Salmon-Stuffed Avocado Boats

With the lines between mealtimes blurring these days, our Salmon-Stuffed Avocado Boats fit the bill for a standout breakfast-lunch combo (or, if you prefer, brunch). Featuring pouched salmon, this is a no-fuss recipe that’s also packed with essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Get the recipe here.

For Lunch

Loaded Shrimp Burrito Bowls

This seafood bowl is loaded with flavor (spicy, but not too spicy) and features fast-cooking shrimp. With the add-in fajita-style veggies, brown rice, black beans and a killer cream sauce that uses just two ingredients, this dish will put some pep in your after-lunch step.

Get the recipe here.

Tuna & White Bean Salad

Whether you’re in a bind and need something quick or you’re just meal-prepping for the week ahead, this Tuna & White Bean Salad is an easy and delicious lunch option. Plus, this is a 15 minute recipe… hard to beat this one in taste and convenience!

Get the recipe here.

For Snacks and Apps

Tuna Croquettes

Not only are these crunchy bites addictive, they’re nutritious, too! We love tuna because it’s ready-to-eat and provides essential nutrients, like protein, B vitamins, selenium and, of course, omega-3s. Pair these croquettes with a light lemon-caper sauce and you will have a snack (or light lunch) in no time.

Get the recipe here.

Smoked Trout Dip

You’ll flip for our new Smoked Trout Dip, a fuss-free, savory and satisfying treat that also is good for you. Easy to make, easy to store and easy to eat—think of this recipe as snack-time-made-simple! 

Get the recipe here.

For Dinner

Salmon Meal Prep with Asparagus

This culinary gem of a recipe may look (and taste!) like you ordered in from a restaurant, but really—it’s so easy to prep ahead and cook when you’re ready. Plus, this dish is full of important back-to-school nutrients, like protein, omega-3s and vitamin D.  

Get the recipe here.

Sheet-Pan Tilapia and Veggies

It’s a seafood sheet pan recipe for the win! Tilapia + veggies come together for a healthy and colorful meal. Great for meal prepping or for serving a large family (or party), this dish was created with back-to-school in mind.

Sheet Pan Tilapia

Get the recipe here.

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